V E O X - O I L N E F T - E U R A U D I S

P r o c e d u r e s   f o r   s i g n i n g   c o n t r a c t


Buyer must issue LOI/ICPO with following details, Specification of product, Quantity, Duration, Delivery terms, Payment term, Bank Details, signed by 2 Authorized Corporate Officers sealed and/or stamped. Company profile and copy passport.

Seller sends FCO, within 3 working days after reception Buyer’s ICPO, with all details procedure signed by 2 Authorized Corporate Officers sealed and/or stamped, Draft contract and draft bank instrument for acceptance.

 1.  Buyer signs FCO and return to “Veox Oilneft” full set of documents:

   - a)     ICPO Notarized / NCNDA/IMFPA
   - b)     Draft Contract with Initials of 2 Authorized Corporate Officers, for acceptance
   - c)     Copy of the passport of signatory
   - d)     Buyer confirms finance capacity.

2.   After reception of all set of document, signature contract between Seller and Buyer within 5 banking days

3.   Seller’s bank confirms resource availability (POP) to Buyer’s bank (within 3 banking days) after  receiving 
      letter from Buyer's   uyer’s bank about readiness to open bank instrument.


° Copy of freight and transport of the goods to loading port.

° Warehouse certificate confirming product availability

° Copy of “Export License”


4.   Buyer’s bank issue bank instrument in favor of Seller to the monthly quantity within 3 banking days after
      receiving POP

5.   Delivery guarantee – Seller issue 2% PB on monthly shipment.

6.   Within 25 banking days, Seller conduct delivery of product to loading Port

a)   Including examination of quality and quantity by SGS in loading port.

b)   Delivery to final destination, under terms CIF ASWP, is within 45 banking days from issuance of bank instrument to seller's bank. Each subsequent monthly shipment is according to delivery schedule

7.   Documents:

Ø      Full set of 2/3 of Bill of Loading  

Ø      Every document needs to be signed by the Captain or Senior Assistant of Loading port.  

      Quality Certificate issued by SGS 1 original and 3 copies 

Ø      Origin Certificate  issued by  Chamber of Commerce  of the country of origin, 1 copy 

Ø      Timeline of  loading   in port of loading, 1 copy 

Ø      Commercial Invoice based on SGS certificate, 1 original and 3 copies. 

Ø      Prescription by  the Captain of samples and documents, 1 copy


eller Side 50% (Closed)    -  Buyer Side 50%.

D o w n l o a d   D o c u m e n t s


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